Spice Box

Spice Box

Dimensions   12.5w X 18.5 Ht X 13”d

What is a spice box?

During the William and Mary era 1600c spices were expensive and rare. Spices came from faraway lands over many miles of oceans. The exotic tastes and rarity of spices lead to the spice box to hold those small amounts of spice and keep the freshness for many months or years. Some spice boxes were large and some of them small depending on the amount and varieties of spices available.

Spice Cabinet

Some of the almost jewel-like boxes are wall mounted and others were free standing. All have several things in common. They house a collection of drawers behind closed doors like a cabinet. Today the man in your life may use those drawers to store jewelry, watches, or cuff links.  Some of the drawers are obvious to see, but some are hidden in secret areas.

The casework of the Spice Box is often dovetailed and dadoed together. The wood following tradition for “jewel-like” miniature cabinets for their finest possessions may be burled, marquetry, or inlaid with designs. Colorado Case and Cabinet has chosen to use a wood with character similar to burled wood and the exposed dovetails for decoration. The eight drawer cabinet has a secret drawer you will be shown when you purchase one. The door performs the uniform function of symmetry and interest. All knobs are hand-made to match the case work.

Your treasure chest is available in a variety of woods. Colorado Case and Cabinet recommends any of the woods in our collection. Complement your living room or bedroom furniture with any one of our woods be it mesquite (as displayed) or mahogany for instance. The small inside boxes are of aromatic cedar with small knobs to help access the boxes.  The bracket foot of its base lends a traditional colonial melody to the piece.