Mesquite Festival of 2015 in Fredericksburg, TX


Below and on Face book are several pictures of our Mesquite product line. We will add items produced earlier in other woods to our Mesquite Wood line. This is a very popular Texas wood. While it can be difficult to work with, it offers character and visual texture to any gift you consider purchasing.

Colorado Case and Cabinet Company have had over 2,000 visitors to our tent at the festivals and enjoyed meeting everyone of you. We have a few orders to start on and would like to hear from you on our “Contact US” page at the back of this site.

Just to let you understand what is involved in producing your future gift from our extensive product line in mesquite, let me explain what must happen in sequence:

  • When we receive your order on the form provided at the end of this site, your wood will be purchased. If it is to be out of mesquite, it will be left to dry inside since it is purchased from an outdoor lot of Mesquite.
  • Once the moisture meter indicates it is dry and stable then I cut the blocks to the pattern you ordered.
  • The mesquite will reflect the area which need filling and that is a several day project due to drying times. It always amazes people who watch me do this how the wood appears to swallow up the fill and when dry it needs more. Mesquite wood is a” thirsty” wood. If you do not perform this step, then your product would be very unstable and would deteriorate over time. I stand behind my product so you do not have to worry.
  • After all notable fills are finished I will once again start cutting to match the pattern. There may be turnings I will need to do or fine cuts on each piece of the pattern before we can begin to assemble. Joinery needs to be done and this is more time consuming than most clients realize.
  • Once all major pieces are cut, I always dry fit my unit. I check for any areas of the mesquite that have separated and need to be filled again. Mesquite is funny that way.
  • Sanding the filled areas is done with 100 to 150 to 180 grit paper to smooth the areas every time filling occurs.
  • Some pieces I make, like the Queen Anne Chair, require several dry fits and sandings to make corrections due the many compound cuts a chair requires.
  • As each area of your gift is dry fitted and checked for precision fittings and joinery, I also check for uniformity of wood grain as much as the stock will allow. Maghony and oak are stable growing woods and provide uniformity for grain and flaws in the wood. Mesquite is not that predictable. When I made the Queen Anne chairs for the Mesquite Festival, all the wood came out of one huge block. I had filled wood and clear wood grains and decided to show as clear a grain as possible in one chair and all the filled grained wood in another chair. That one block of wood made for two very different looking chairs. Therefore I cannot guarantee one or the other type of “character “when making your chair. This is why I will always stop and talk to you as often as I can while making your chairs or gift as needed.
  • When the chair is complete and the dry fit meets my specifications, then I peg and glue your gift as needed.
  • The finishing is another set of steps that I have developed to give it a piano gloss finish, natural satin smooth finish, or a stained high gloss, satin gloss, or matte finish depending on the piece. Part of your order form should tell me the type of finish and stain you want. I will call you if you leave this very important part out. Make certain I have your email and phone number.
  • My finishes require a week at best and sometimes two weeks due to the moisture in Houston’s air. Humidity always affects finishing times.
  • After your item is finished, I will call and make arrangements to deliver your piece to you or whomever you want it delivered to. I tried “mailing “my pieces, but UPS and the post office are not kind to items shipped nor do they read “fragile” on a box. I deliver free any item over $300 within 300 miles of Houston.

I and my wife look forward to hearing from you.

Robert “Red” Himel

The products below are our featured new items for the mesquite  festival

Bible Stand  Mesquite Lap Desk with Live Edge  Music Stand  DSC_0198