Shaker Baby Bed

Shaker Baby Bed

Our family likes heirloom keepsakes. We look for opportunities to create them and share with our friends. Baby beds and cradles are our favorites. Sometimes we decide to share them with you as we have the bed here.

My daughter is very conscientious about what our grandson touches or ingests. She researches about foods and fabric finishes as well as paints or stains. So for her, the woods and finishes her baby would teeth on or inhale fumes of were important. She did not want chemicals applied to her baby bed from overseas or from manufacturers who had relationships with other countries they may “farm out” manufacturing items. She is very demanding and knows what she wants. You probably do also.

She wanted a standard baby bed mattress size and she liked the slats which were flat and shaker styled. We used oak and maghony for contrast. The maghony medallions are raised and attached and all finishes are natural. We did install a plastic cover rail over the side top rails, so when he teethed and chewed as babies do, he had no splinters or finishes ingested.

The look is clean and functional. He used this bed for two and half years. My other daughter-in-law had one with solid sides which were stationary and later used as a day bed.

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