Bread Boards

Bread Boards

Oak Bread Board

No too long ago I was looking for a wedding gift. She is a cook and so I began in the kitchen isles.  Stainless steel is not very appealing to me so I migrated to the wood area of the kitchen items. Sometimes we just can’t find what we want and end up seeing it long after we wanted it. Didn’t like a thing I saw or it was way overpriced.   I found cutting boards, bread boards and cheese boards. They were in different woods and of course different sizes.

Needless to say, I sent a card with a bottle of wine and said I will send your gift in about six weeks. I quickly designed the bread board below and asked my hubby (Red) to make it for me. I sent it with cheeses and other tasty items. It was a hit, and we decided to start offering them for sale.

This bread board is quarter -sawn oak, red alder and mesquite, we call it a Ribbon Cutting Board. The finish is a light mineral oil so it can be washed by hand easily if it really gets dirty. Usually just a wet cloth is sufficient. Never put it in the dishwasher please.  I really like the natural variation in grain of these three woods. They are different and yet complement each other very nicely. This is my personal favorite. If you want to see a different combination, let us know. We aim to please.

The bread board shown is 24 inches long and 10 1/2 inches wide. The two “hand holds” take up about 3 inches each, which leaves about 18 inches for your bread.

Here are a couple of improvements on my breadboards.  A little more work, but the result is a real show stopper.  Let me know what you think!

The dark wood is Texas Mesquite with strips of Alder twisted through it. The lighter color board was made up using two different oaks, along with some Cyprus. The twisted stripes are Mesquite.

The bread board with the curved handle is new. In the past I always made those with the handle straight. With these, I thought that it would be more comfortable if the handle was slightly twisted toward you. The result is a long board that can easily hold a full loaf of french bread, and is much easier to carry…you need to try it! This one pictured is made from Texas Pecan, with contrasting stripes of Texas Mesquite. The Pecan and Mesquite curved handle bread board is only $70. The regular two handled bread board is only $90, and if you want it with contrasting twists, it will only be $30 more. These are gifts that the chef will proudly display in the Kitchen for years to come.


Cheese Boards

We are also offering a “cheese board” as a companion to the “bread board” that is a little smaller. It measures 11 inches by 9 inches. The wood stripes to match naturally, which will make the set stand out at your next party.
Again, we are adding a new “Texas cheese board” to the line. I have included a picture of tow of these boards. Hope you enjoy! One is from Texas pecan, the other is from Texas Oak. Both of the woods came from the Hill Country and definitely had their roots in Texas! These boards are only $45. They can be made to match a twisted bread board for a small up charge. Give me a call, and tell me how you want yours.


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Cutting Boards

The cutting board shown in this gift basket is 1″x1″ oak squares which are the end grains. This is a little pricey, but my daughter-in-law says it is light and easy for her small hands to use. Mineral oil is all we finish with so food preparation is never contaminated by other product finishes as found in other countries.