About Us

About Us

Colorado Case and Cabinet Owner - Robert Red Himel
My “young bride” and I

I am Robert Himel, and I am better known as Red, I have had multiple careers and a fantastic life—thus far. Married to Jo, my “young bride”, for 45 years, she has had to put up with me making furniture for most of it. We have three wonderful children, and 5 grandchildren. We retired three years ago, have had some wonderful travels, and plan to continue.

One of my next loves is making furniture. From design and drawings, to figuring out all of the details, all has been a good time. I am self-taught, laugh at my long learning curve at times, but am looking forward to years of fine woodworking in the future.

I am inspired by the pride of craftsmanship reflected in the antiques from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Their craftsmanship, details in lines, as well as the quality of finishes in their work is always apparent. I try to capture that same spirit in my designs and individual pieces.

Since you have searched for a website that offers unique design replicas of solid wood antiques, I know you want the best. The pride of owning an excellent piece which reflects craftsmanship and quality is important to you just as it was to friends of mine Mike and Linda.

Mike and Linda, previous customers, had been looking for a special gift for their son’s graduation from high school.  Their son being a saxophone player, Mike wanted a music stand his son could take to college and use.  Linda wanted something to remember the moment.  She wanted something beautiful.  Mike had found a practical gift that wasn’t too expensive online. Linda found it too practical. She continued looking.  Patience won out and they found my music stand. The music stand they chose was not only useful but gave them the pride of giving something beautiful and design worthy to commemorate their son’s high school graduation. He was proud to show it off to friends and Mike and Linda were proud to give it.  As it turned out, they bought another music stand, to display in their home, for the music their son had played when he earned an award in college.

Pride of owning a beautiful solid wood antique is reward in and of itself. Being able to use it today is also important.  Antiques started out as practical designs with good design principals built into them. The woods I use are good solid Texas walnut, Texas mesquite and pecan. I also use some oak, mahogany, and cherry. If you have a special favorite wood, we can discuss its suitability for your antique. Your needs and desires are important to me.

Look through the gallery at your leisure. Imagine the piece in your home or office. When you envision it in your home or as a gift, call me.  You want to give the best and have the best. You deserve nothing less. The Colorado Case and Cabinet Company is ready to give you your heart’s desire.